Important message: CNN claim, in an article written by CNN journalists Kay Jones and Hollie Silvermanthe on August 3, 2020 on the website of the following: There are less than 3,500 Asian elephants left in the wild and they face extinction because of ivory poaching and habitat destruction, the zoo statement the article Baby elephant dies 27 days after his birth at St. Louis Zoo, but the article doesnt really state why ivory poaching should be an immediate threat to Asian elephants, and their claims of the world population of Asian elephants, is however also something to doubt.. Although IUCN seems to have forgotten to state the world population of Asian elephants at Their fact sheet about the Asian elephant, while the Asian Elephant Specialist Group state that there are elephants in 13 range states, but AESG seemingly also forgot to mention how many Asian elephants there are today, and on their website it is also not easy to find a record about the world population of Asian elephants, but International Elephant Foundation state on the page Elephas maximus: Endangered due to loss of habitat. Numbers are currently around 30,000 – 50,000 (one-tenth of the population of African elephants, and no mention about ivory hunting in Asia), which is a number far, or rather more than ten times higher than the claim from =There are NOT less than 3,500 Asian elephants left in the wild, as cnn claim.//Dan Koehl

Castrated elephants

In male animals, castration involves the removal of the testes.

Possibly, the first succesful castration of a male elephant was performed by DVM Murray Fowler. Source: castration of an elephant, by Murray E Fowler.

The second was castrated by Robert M. Miller, DVM, assisted by Fowler.

19 Elephants castrated.

OriginAgeBirthDeath dateParentsArrivalPresent or last Location
+ -Bud (Budweiser)-LA
wild 34 years19842018-03-19 x 1986-04-00Grants Farm
+ -Colonel Joe (Dillinger, Wise Guy)-EM
wild 48 years19642012-05-01? x 2002-00-00Circus Krone
+ -Sabu (Look Chai)-EM
captive-born 30 years1982-10-012012-01-11Tunga (Tonga) x Hanako2010-10-00Performing Animal Welfare Society / ARK 2000 (PAWS)
+ -Ned (Indy, India)-EM
captive-born 22 years1987-10-102009-05-15Vance (Matt) x Josky (Patne)2008-11-09Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)
+ -Ceasar-EM
captive-born 19 years1987-04-022006Vance (Matt) x Minyak2001-05-11Bowmanville Zoo
+ -Buster (Doc)-LA
wild 21 years19822003-11-13 x 1993-00-00Ivory Haven Farm (Chuck Walters)
+ -Tony-EM
wild 27 years19721999-06-01 x 1995-09-18Bowmanville Zoo
+ -Brat (Myakka, Cheerful)-EM
captive-born 10 years1985-01-191995Gardner (Tarzan) x Gypsy (Matsho, Hope)Colombia unspecified Location
+ -Diamond (Zimbabwe)-LA
captive-born 14 years19801994-12-31Congo x Ruby (Rafiki)1993-12-21Riddles Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary
+ -Toto-EM
wild 14 years1990-06-00 x Catskill Game Farm
+ -Gardner (Tarzan)-EM
wild 19 years19671986-01-18 x Rex Williams
wild 19 years1981 x 1988-03-01Wildlife Safari
wild 19 years x 2002-00-00Camp Jabulani
-Bo (Joe, Kalanan)-EM
captive-born 19 years1987-01-22Vance (Matt) x Sid (Sue)1992-03-01George Carden Circus International
-Smokey (Rhani, Ronnie)-EM
captive-born 19 years1984-02-02Vance (Matt) x Mala (Lalea)1994-02-28Gary Jacobson
-Big Boy (Louie)-EM
wild 19 years x 1981-00-00Circo Hermanos Fuentes Gasca
captive-born 19 years1983-09-09Vance (Matt) x Sid (Sue)1994-12-07Circo Chino De Pekin
-Luke (Sabu)-EM
captive-born 19 years1985-11-24Vance (Matt) x Tilly1990-06-28Two Tails Ranch (Patricia Zerbini)
-Butch (Mickey)-LA
wild 19 years1981 x 2001-04-00Monterey Zoo, Elephants of Africa Rescue Society (EARS)