Tunga (Tonga) at Hawthorn Corporation

† Tunga (Tonga)
ID Number:   SSP Number: 47 - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Male ♂ 32 years old
Dead date: 1996-09-19
Death reason: disease: massive heart failure. Elephant Elephant TB (Mycobacterium tuberculosis) (Mycobacterium tuberculosis)?
Location:Hawthorn Corporation
ArrivalHawthorn Corporation 1991-07-03
from Portland Zoo (Metro Washington Park Zoo)
Portland Zoo (Metro Washington Park Zoo) 1979-10-25
from Morgan Berry
Born:1964 wild
Offspring, year of birth, year of death:

    Total: 3 babies

  1. (M) 1982-10-01 -- † 2012-01-11 Sabu (Look Chai), SSP nr: 69
  2. (M) 1993-12-07 -- † 1993-12-15 Bernie, SSP nr: 349
  3. (M) 1993-12-15 Nicholas (Nickolaus), SSP nr: 351
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I know for a fact that a minimum of two of the Hawthorn elephants died from TB, Tunga, the bull I spent time with at the Portland Zoo and Joyce.
Wayne Jackson, Canada

Tonga may have killed his trainer Morgan Berry in June, 1979.

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