Tony at Bowmanville Zoo

Male ♂ Asian elephant Tony at Bowmanville Zoo

Gary Thomas and Tony. Photo © Wayne Jackson, Canada
† Tony
ID Number:   SSP Number: 296 - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Male ♂ 27 years old
Dead date: 1999-06-01
Death reason: unknown:
Location:Bowmanville Zoo
ArrivalBowmanville Zoo 1995-09-18
from Hawthorn Corporation
Hawthorn Corporation 1988-11-01
from Gary Thomas
Gary Thomas 1988-00-00
from Tarzan Zerbini Circus
Tarzan Zerbini Circus
from Diano Brothers Circus
Born:1972 wild
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2012-06-07: Cline RE
""Gary's Elephant" Tony, came from the Diano herd, he first had him on the Zerbini show, whether Tarzan was in on the deal or not I don't know, but when Gary went to Hawthorn, "His Elephant", Tony went with him Gary worked him until the early '90's, when Tony picked Gary up & pitched him over top the other elephants, he was retired."
Bill Strong

Records about Tony from Bob Cline
1972 - Born in the wild
1974 to 1981 - Tony Diano elephants
1985 to 1986 - Tarzan Zerbini
1987 to 1988 - Gary Thomas
11/1988 - Hawthorn Circus Corp.
09/18/1995 - Bowmanville Zoo in Canada
Died - June 1, 1999

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