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Darren N Barnes 2011-01-06 Europe:

Dear Dan, Seeing as I made such a hash-up of my last post, I'll try re-signing, so as you don't have any more insults to throw at me for my typing errors. I would like to start by wishing you a happy New Year. I would also like to apologise for anything I may have done to you personally for you to persist in your course of obsessive behaviour in pursuing me so. Seeing as you & I have never even met or spoken, I fail to see how you can be such a judge of character on me. Your actions on your own website used to cause me a degree of discomfort. However, as I have established a wealth of contacts & friends in the international elephant community since establshing my own website, I would also like to thank you for drawing attention to my website via your own website, as I have never had so many visitors logging on & subsequently registering for membership. However, my website is a professional members only website, which is why you have not been awarded membership. The reason being because of your unprofessional conduct regarding your defirmation of character of me on your own website. Which brings me to the point, that because of your defirmation of character of me (my lawyers words, not mine) the police in this country have been notified & are in communication with the police in your own country, who are subsequently commencing their enquiries regarding your illegal activity & victimisation of me. Best wishes, Darren N Barnes (Owner of the 'Elephants Africa' website).

Darren N Barnes 2011-01-06 Europe:

Apologies for the typing errors below ... its been a busy 24 hours. DB

Shel 2010-12-17 Shel New-Ritter:

I totally respect your work...why I am contacting you...I have had this long love interest for elephants...after the movie as a child Elephant Walk with Elizabeth Taylor. As humans we do much dis-service to our animal loved ones. I am not an activists. I had the great opportunity to perform an experiment on the elephants at the Indianapolis Zoo, USA in doing Reiki on them. an energy healing modalities. big friends loved it. As an abstract artist...I want to work with the elephants on their abstract art to raised money for their continued life on our planet. Would you be open to chat with me on this? My cell in usa...317-979-1730 or email: Love our big ones to protect and give them love.

John Phillip 2010-12-09 :

Enjoyed the site and want to say Hi to an old friend Gary Jacobson. Hope your doing well

ALESSANDRA Figari 2010-12-06 Milano, Italy:

Hi.. Many years ago I was lucky enough to translate your book Elephant Memories in Italian... I was fascinated by it and your work. Just wished to thank you for the work you are doing which is so important to preserve our animal world and know more about it.

Ivy Joy Eastwind 2010-11-20 Ozarks, Missouri:

what a wonderful site! wow! I think I could spend hundreds of hours here. I found myself here quite by accident. I believe I heard Miss Moss, the author, interviewed on NPR and I was fascinated! She spoke about the hundreds of hours of taping in the wild. She was such an interesting speaker. I'm really looking forward to the book coming to our public library. [YEY!! public libraries!!] thank you!

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