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Pamela Trueblood 2009-01-23 Kansas City Zoo:

The Kansas City Zoo has 0.7 African Elephants. Zoe, Tattoo, Megan, Lady, Lea, Lois,Penney. All wild born. No births.

Ian Hardy 2009-01-22 Chatham, U K :

Hi Dan, Can i track the elephants in Samburu Kenya on my computer and if so how please. Thank you Ian

Bob Barnes 2009-01-22 LAZoo:

tana halstead 2009-01-17 venice, florida:

I was a dear friend of Trolle's and I have been trying to find an old magazine from Ringling that had his photo in the back of it-do you know how I can find it or do you have one of the last photos of his. He was truly a magnificient person and interesting friend. I cherish the memories of him and the old days in Sarasota with Karl Wallenda and family. Graciously, Tana halstead

Richard Welton 2009-01-16 North Carolina, USA:

WOW! I was looking at Ringling Brothers site trying to see what elephants were stil performing and saw your site! I was saddened to learn that mast of the elephants that I took care of at Diano's Circus have passed away. Thank you ofr all of the hard work and terrific information on my beloved pacs!

Tom Sandow 2009-01-13 The Sandow Clowns:

I am in the process of trying to re-create in paining form some great photographs that were placed in the American circus followers magazine Southern Sawdust as a tribute to a good friend and its editor the late Wilson Pourch. I am placing these in The Fairground Heritage Trust website under talk and forums. My latest effort is the front page from the August 1972 issue that featured the attractive Miss Gail Kelroy the trapeze artiste touring that year with Sole Brothers. The photograph was taken with her holding two young tiger cubs. Let me know what you think! Cheers Tom Sandow

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