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When i was a child we would go to the zoo in little rock,ark. there i met ruth the elephant she was a sweetheart and stole my heart,i still think of her almost every day!

Debbie Lovett 2009-04-18 Texas

I had the pleasure of working with Vaal and Joe,Dolly and Anna at the Balto zoo ( now Md Zoo) and they will be in my heart forever. Many times ,when times were hard for me Vaal would wrap her trunk around me,slide me between her front legs and just hold me there. Nothing like an elephantine hug to make your day better! <br /> chuck zoo

chuck 2009-04-15 Baltimore

I have always been fascinated with elephants. They are a link to our past,gentle giants I like to call them.In there natural habitat and in captivity they need what we need companionship&compassion. They are instinctively a matriarch society. What went wrong with humans?

Tammy 2009-04-11 Vancouver B.C

I love Elephants and found this website really interesting. We need more Elephants back in New Zealand & Australian Zoo'z and circuses. They are fascinating ceatures - long live Elephants!

Elephant lover 2009-04-09

I was surprised with a visit to you in Hugo on March 7, 2009, a birthday surprise from my significant other. I can't tell you how I enjoyed the tour and the history info about those glorious animals.<br /> <br /> I would love a walking tour and perhaps get to pet an elephant. Would that ever be posssible?<br /> <br /> When do the elephants leave their winter home and "go on tour"?<br /> <br /> Would also like an on-site gift shop.<br /> <br /> Thank you.

Sparkles 2009-04-06

Buckles got me started working with elephants in 1969 with James Bros Circus

John Newburn 2009-04-05
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