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Sandy 2009-03-09 Sandy:

My dad was an elephant training in the 1960's at the National Zoo in Washington. Do you have anything in the Archives. I know there were some pictures of him with the elephants.

Dion 2009-03-08 :

Does anyone know what happened to Suzy, Carson & Barnes long time elephant? She is the only elephant I ever worked with. Dion

bigfanx 2009-03-06 :

ABsolutely a wonderful website.... so much info... from every point on the globe. Keep up the good work! Thank you.... bigfanx

Don 2009-03-06 Don Duren:

Buckles, You were one of the best basketball players in the history of Hot Springs High School. We were neighbors and we played hoops and football in our neighborhood. You nailed a backboard to a tree, attached a rim and we played basketball near your house. Good to see that you are doing well. Take care, Don Duren (used to live at the corner of Ramble and Bloom Sts). I try to visit HS when I can. I'm not too far from there.

ruth roscom 2009-03-02 :

are elephants lucky or do they represent longevity..and someone once told me that elephants have a long memory,is that true?

Alex Zijlstra 2009-03-01 The Netherlands:

Annabel from Emmen Zoo Died Sunday the 1th of March, Annabel fell into the dry moat, after a couple of tries, the zoo desided to hire a crane, which took Annabel on the island. Unfortunately the vet desided to euthanise her, because she was in a shock... ='(

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