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Anka Dijkstra 2009-01-31 Eindhoven Netherlands:

I just learned that the elephant that was named after me died at Mallorco safaripark on 15-11-2008. I gave her my name when I was a little girl and she was just a baby who was new at Ouwhans dierenpark. A tv-program asked the children to name the baby. They choose my name. Now I'm nearly 51 years old and I hav 3 children. I would like to know if elephant Anka has had children too.

Cathy 2009-01-29 Manchester England:

I was trying to find info on the Elephant that walked from Blackpool to Manchester.His painting is in the Manchester art Gallery.

La famiglia 2009-01-27 Sweden:

Thank you very much for the comment in my blogg. What a co-incidence. I wrote about you without knowing who you are, and then you find that post in my blog.

dharwanto 2009-01-24 Taman Margasatwa Medan/MedanZoo:

ternyata Ref.tentabg Gajah sungguh lengkap di London Zoo. Salam Lestari

Gloria Van Cleave 2009-01-24 Texas, USA:

I had the pleasure of visiting the circus for a couple of weeks while my daughter worked there as a clown. Flavio Togni and his family made my visit very memorable with their hospitality and friendliness. That time is one of my best memories. Your site is excellent, in my opinion.

Carla 2009-01-23 Poland:

I can't wait to see all these beautiful elephants in Pinawela. It's my dream come true. See you at the end of march:))

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