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Dani 2009-05-18 Switzerland:

Keep up the good work! Somehow your location database is currently not workingfor me...

Chris Lucas 2009-05-18 Scotland:

I am currently trying to trace the history of one of my elephants (LA b 1964 w/c 1966). I am currently looking for information on the three held at St. Vrain Safari Park in France as I believe she was housed there till 1990, but as this park has closed down I am now at a dead end for information. Any help would be greatly appricated.

An 2009-05-17 Belgium:

Elephant Khaing Phyo Phyo (8109) from Antwerp Zoo just gave birth today 2009-05-17 at approx. 09.45h. Gender is still unknown.

An 2009-05-17 Belgium:

update: the newborn baby-elephant from Khaing Phyo Phyo x Alexander (Amersfoort Zoo the Netherlands) is a female. Name will be revealed Tuesday 2009-05-19. The baby is doing very well and had her first drink. Since it's a female she will remain in the hird at Antwerp Zoo with all other females (Mother Khaing Phyo Phyo, Sibling May Tagu, Aunt Yu Yu Yin and Dumbo)

Gudrun Koball 2009-05-15 Erfurt, Germany:

It's a very nice and informative website! Here are some exactly information about MARINA, a female Loxodonta africana in the Erfurt Zoo, called "Thueringer Zoopark". She was born in 1957 in Congo. Her mother was killed in a banana-plantage. So she came in the Elephant-Camp "Ganga na Bodio" The first dirctor of the Erfurt Zoo, Prof. Dr. Harald H. Roth was going himselves to Congo to take her to Erfurt. Marina arrived in Erfurt 28th July 1960. She was one of the most importend animals of our Zoo. 30th July 2003 at 9:30h p.m. she was dying, because she was strongly obstpated and because her high age. (My source: Dr. Norbert Neuschulz, He was director of "Thueringer Zoopark in Erfurt" between 1990 and 2007.) Later I will give some information about the Asian Elelphants, livig in the Erfurt Zoo between 1962 and 1982. But there are not so much sources to get exactly information.

Kasey Vaughan 2009-05-14 Kasey Vaughan:

Hi i love elephants they are my fav animals

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