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Dan Koehl 2021-10-01 Phnom Penh:

The Guest book has been reopened after a ten year pause!

Carla Goss 2011-05-04 Griffin,:

Ruka 2011-04-30 San Diego, CA:

Litsemba's calf at the Wild Animal Park was named Tsandzikle pronounced: ta sond zu Kee lay

kelley 2011-03-31 regina sk canada:

i met a faboulous employee in the 80s who was from bremerton wa and was working a show in regina sk canada heading to leathbridge ab canada we became great friends and lost touch over the yrs and for some his thoughts nd kindness and how he helped my family at a tragic tm and myself now in van bc canada would like to say ty and hi know been yrs but thought y not. he was a african male approx 25 at the time and his name was david whitehorse if anyone has any info b great he was a rigger and lighting man,ty kelley

pettitt 2011-03-28 england:

I worked at Sir Robert Fossets circus as a teenager 30 years ago I remember Bobby really well, he was gentle and beautiful and I used to use my lunch money to but him treats and I am very sad to learn of his death in 2008. RIP Bobby :0( Just for the record I don't support animal circus' now.

Ruka 2011-03-21 San Diego, CA:

According to Fatal Attractions Okha came from a Boston dealer who had her six months after she was shipped from India. They claim she was a private owned elephant before the circus started. Congo escaped in 2009 and was hit by a car and that's how she lost her left tusk.

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