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Cause can be chills from exposure to cold winds and wet; overextersion.
Symptoms: Temperature general high, and lasting some few days, there may be shivering at the beginning. The pulse is quickened, the breathing hurried and the chest is found to move little or not at all during respiration, but the belly moves unusually during the act. The animal rarely lies down, is very dull, disiclined to move abouth though there is marked restlessness and often prostration.
Pneumonic cough is generally short and painful, and there is usually a slight discharge from the trunk; yawning is a frequent symptom.
The appetite is almost lost, there may be consiiderable thirst.
The disease reaches its hight in a few days, and death may take place from suffocation. If the animal survives, the lungs gradually recover to their normal condition and function.

Page 227, Elephants and their diseases by Griffith H. Evans