Mary at Clyde Beatty Circus

† Mary
ID Number:
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female ♀, unknown maybe about years old (estimated age)
Dead date: 1950-03-28
Death reason: disease: pneumonia
Location:Clyde Beatty Circus
ArrivedClyde Beatty Circus 1945-00-00
from Clyde Beatty-Russell Brothers Circus
Clyde Beatty-Russell Brothers Circus 1944-00-00
from Clyde Beatty-Wallace Brothers Circus
Clyde Beatty-Wallace Brothers Circus 1943-00-00
from Johnny J. Jones Exposition
Johnny J. Jones Exposition
from Hamid-Morton Circus
Hamid-Morton Circus 1940-00-00
from Clyde Beatty (private)
Clyde Beatty (private) 1939-00-00
from Clyde Beatty-Cole Brothers Circus
Clyde Beatty-Cole Brothers Circus 1935-00-00
from Schell Brothers Circus
Schell Brothers Circus 1928-00-00
from Frank J. Taylor Circus
Frank J. Taylor Circus 1928-00-00
from William P Hall Animal Farm
William P Hall Animal Farm 1927-00-00
from John Robinson Circus
John Robinson Circus 1927-00-00
from Heritage Brothers Circus
Heritage Brothers Circus 1926-00-00
from Gollmar Brothers Circus
Gollmar Brothers Circus 1925-00-00
from William P Hall Animal Farm
William P Hall Animal Farm 1923-00-00
from Firma Ruhe (Tierhandelsfirma Ruhe)
Born: wild
Document updated2010-09-25: updated locaions
Records about Mary from Bob Cline
MARY 1923 - one of 8 elephants delivered to Wm.P.Hall ( along with Trilby, Babe, Jenny, Katie, Albert, Don, and ???? )
Female Asian 1924 to 1925 - Gollmar Bros. Circus
1926 - Heritage Bros. Circus
1927 - John Robinson Circus
1927 - sold to Wm. Hall
1928 - Wm. P. Hall leased to Frank Taylor for ten weeks ending April 1st, 1928 per Hall papers @ CWM
1928 to 1934 - Schell Bros. Circus ( leased by Wm.P. Hall for 2500.00 in 1929 per Hall papers @ CWM. )
1935 - Sold to Cole Bros.-Clyde Beatty Circus
1939 - bought by Clyde Beatty
1939 -Atlantic City, NJ w/ Clyde Beatty
1940 - Hamid Morton Circus w/ Clyde Beatty
1941 to 1942 - Johnny J.Jones carnival w/ Clyde Beatty
1943 - Wallace Bros. -Clyde Beatty Circus w/ Clyde Beatty
1944 - Clyde Beatty - Russell Bros. Circus w/ Clyde Beatty
1945-1950 - Clyde Beatty Circus w/ Clyde Beatty
Died - March 28, 1950 in El Monte, Ca. of pneumonia

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