27 March 2019
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Margaret at Endangered Ark Foundation

27 March 2019
Now intensively researching how to get the database queries to work with php7. //Dan

Female ♀ Asian elephant Margaret at Endangered Ark Foundation

Margaret. Endangered Ark Foundation. Photo: © Vincent Manero
ID Number:   SSP Number: 613 - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female ♀ 50 years old
Management:Free contact
Location:Endangered Ark Foundation
ArrivedEndangered Ark Foundation
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Born:1969 wild
Capture: 1970,
Document updated2009-01-29: New elephant
2009-04-12: Image
Isa, Lilly, Alta, Viola, and Margaret were babies about mid chest high when I took them to Mexico City in 1975 for Atayde Bros Circus. I have pictures someplace of Margaret and I one the 5 floor of a TV studio where we were doing publicity. Being young and ignorant (as opposed to old and ignorant. There I beat everybody too it. LOL) I loaded her into an elevator that was available. It seemed a better option then walking her up 5 flights of steps. I wasn't aware of how an elephant will sometims react crossing a bridge, or stepping on something that moves like a scale. The only thing kept me from being crushed when it started raising was I was able to jump up on the railing and hold onto the grate on the ceiling. The door opened in to the studio and Margaret and I kicked through shit and piss and made our triumphant first appearance on Mexican television. I had on white pant's and a tan shirt and years later when my sons were looking at the 8X10's they asked why I wore dirty clothes to a tv show. I told them they were clean before we got on the elevator. When we were finished taping that trusting little baby followed me right back into the elevator for a bunch of bananas, and we repeated the process going down, which scared her worse then going up. //Wade Burck
The Circus No-Spin Zone, Carson and Barnes Elephants, 01/28/2009

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