Johann Natterer

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Johann Natterer
Profession wildlife animal trainer
Personal details
Born 1781
Country Austria

Title owner -
Location at Natterer Expedition in Austria

Biography details

Johann Natterer , wildlife animal trainer in Austria

Born 1781 dead 1843 .

Johann Natterer (1781–1843), Austrian naturalist, ornithologist and explorer. In his past search for parasitic worms in birds, Natterer had studied helminthology at the Naturalien-Cabinete of Vienna’s Hofmuseum under the supervision of Johann Gottfried Bremser Johann Gottfried Bremser (1767–1827), a physician and helminthologist.

1836: Natterer was fascinated by Brazil and stayed abroad for 18 years. He explored the area from Rio de Janeiro to Mato Grosso and British Guyana. Natterer returned to Vienna in 1836 with a Brazilian wife, 3 children, and 37 boxes of collected material, among them 12 000 birds.

1857: Carl Hagenbeck Jr. went with his father Carl Hagenbeck Sr. to Vienna, and bought animals imported from Sudan by Dr. Johann Natterer (1821-1900), which were sold by Firma Carl Hagenbeck to menageries and Antwerpen Zoo.

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