Carl Hagenbeck Sr.

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Carl Hagenbeck Sr.
Gottfried  Hagenbeck

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Personal details

Spouse(s) - 1865 Christiana Anderson

Country Germany

Title owner 1863-1866
Location at C. Hagenbecks Handlungs-Menagerie in Germany

Title owner 1848-1866
Location at Firma Carl Hagenbeck in Germany

Relevant literature
Biography details

Gottfried Claus Carl Hagenbeck Sr., wildlife animal trader in Germany

Born 1810 in Germany dead 1887 in Germany .

Gottfried Claus Carl Hagenbeck Sr. (1810-1887) was a fishmonger at Grosse Petersenstrasse 16 in St. Pauli, Hamburg, Germany, who started a side business by buying and selling exotic animals, which he put at exhibit at Petersenstrasse and Spielbudenplatz.

In his first marriage with Christiana Anderson he had 3 sons;

1. His oldest son Carl Hagenbeck Jr. (1844-1913) was born at Lincolnstraße 33 in St. Pauli, and developed the company Firma Carl Hagenbeck into a succesful worldvide business, he pioneered the concept of zoos without bars, primarly in Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen) in Hamburg, a zoo which still is private owned by the Hagenbeck family.

2. His second son Wilhelm Hagenbeck was a succesful animal trainer who founded Circus Wilhelm Hagenbeck and was the first trainer to bring Polar Bears into the circus ring.

2. His third son Dietrich Hagenbeck died in black fever 1873 while searching for hippos in Zanzibar.

Also his three daughters were active with animals, Marie Dorothea Louise Hagenbeck (1848-1886) married the animal dealer Charles Rice in England who became a valuble partner to the family company, and Carls daughter Christiane Hagenbeck became a world famous exotic bird trader.

After his first wife Christiana Anderson died in 1865, he remarried and had another three sons:

1. John Hagenbeck, who also assisted in the company, and established the Ceylon Zoological Gardens Company at Dehiwela Gardens, where he kept animals in transfer, before export to europe. John Hagenbeck also exhibited animals in the Dehivela Zoo, which was open to the public. During the second world war, Ceylon Zoological Gardens Company was liquidated 1936 and confiscated as enemy property, and in 1937 renamed to Dehivela Gardens.

2. The second son in the second marriage, Gustav Hagenbeck (Gustave?), became instrumental in company marketing, and the touring "Volker-Shaus".

3. His third son in the second marriage, Dietrich Hagenbeck Sr., who died in black fever 1873 while searching for hippos in Zanzibar.


Total: 7 children

  1. Dietrich Hagenbeck. Born: ?. Dead: † 1873
  2. Gustav Hagenbeck. Born: ?.
  3. Carl Hagenbeck Jr.. Born: 1844. Dead: † 1913-04-13
  4. Christiane Hagenbeck. Born: 1846. Dead: † 1905
  5. Louise Hagenbeck. Born: 1848. Dead: † 1886
  6. Wilhelm Hagenbeck. Born: 1850. Dead: † 1910
  7. John Hagenbeck. Born: 1866. Dead: † 1940

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