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Robert Bobby Moore

First elephant arrived1980
Last elephant left1992
Country United States


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Robert Bobby Moore elephants, United States , was born in 1980. and the first elephant arrived in 1980. The last elephant left in 1992.

Comments / picturesA successful restaurateur and accomplished racer, Bobby then decided to pursue his childhood dream of owning, training and performing with elephants. He bought his first pachyderm in 1980 and, with the help of one of the country\'s leading trainers, learned everything he could about elephants. By 1989, Bobby\'s Herd had grown to 13 prize elephants, and he was regarded as one of the top elephant trainers in the world. Before selling his elephants in 1992, Bobby and his "team" were hired to perform with the Ringling Brothers/Barnum & Baily Circus on its first tour in Japan.

From Scott Riddle (continued) The center ring of elephants were Asia- Dame- Smokey- Tonka & Luna worked by Bobby Moore and Betsy. Heidi and I worked the first ring with Tova- Emma- Mary & Makia. The other end ring was Mysore- Dolly- Minnie & Jack worked by Troy Metzler and Jim (Ichabod) Patterson. We did a cross mount after the acts with Calcutta and our two little Africans Solomon and Muggs added. The center elephant was Minnie worked by Smokey Jones.
More on 1988 in Japan #3, Buckles Web Log, 10/20/08

Another photo from the Japan trip. There is no indication as to whether or not this was taken in Japan or in the U.S. "It was taken on the dock in Japan while waiting for the tent to be erected. John Herriott made this tour and could write a book about the deeds and misdeeds of the adventure. Sixteen elephants were included, nine owned by Bobby Moore, three by Scott Riddle and the four remaining Diano elephants from RBBB."
Bobby Moore elephants: 1. Asia, 2. Dame, 3. Emma, 4. Tova, 5. Mekeah (African female), 6. Jack (African male), 7. Tonka, 8. Smokey (Asian male), 9. Luna.
Scott Riddle elephants: 1. Mary, 2. Solomon (African male), 3. Muggs (African female).
RBBB elephants: 1. Minnie, 2. Calcutta, 3. Mysore, 4. Dolly." Buckles

RBBB in Japan 1988 #2, Buckles Web Log, 12/18/08

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