Carl G. Fisher elephants in United States

Carl G. Fisher
Fischer in 1902. (Wikipedia)
Fischer in 1902. (Wikipedia)

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Address Miami Beach
Place Miami
District Miami-Dade County
Country United States


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Carl G. Fisher elephants, located at Miami Beach, in Miami, Florida, United States .

Comments / picturesCarl Graham Fisher (January 12, 1874–July 15, 1939) was an American entrepreneur. Despite having severe astigmatism, he became a seemingly tireless pioneer and promoter of the automotive, auto racing, and real estate development industries. Fisher Island, one of the wealthiest and most exclusive residential areas in the United States, just south of Miami Beach, is named for him.

Ever the innovative promoter of the Florida land boom of the 1920s, PBS tells of his efforts to draw attention to Miami Beach. Carl had acquired a baby elephant named "Rosie" who was a favorite with newspaper photographers. In 1921, he got free publicity all across the country with what we would call today a promotional "photo-op" of Rosie serving as a golf caddy for vacationing President-elect Warren Harding. Billboards of bathing beauties enjoying white beaches and blue ocean waters appeared around the country. Fisher even purchased a huge illuminated sign proclaiming "Its June in Miami" in Times Square in New York City.


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