Mathigodu elephant Camp in India

Mathigodu elephant Camp
Local name Thithimathi

Address Mathigodu
Place Thithimathi
District Kodagu district
Country India

DirectorsD Mahesh Kumar

Key People

VeterinariansDr Mujeeb Rehman

Elephant department

Head keepers
of elephants

Elephant keepers -: Thimma
-: Gunda
-: Chinna
-2010: Sannapa
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Mathigodu elephant Camp, located at Mathigodu, in Thithimathi, Karnataka, India .

Living elephants

At the Mathigodu elephant Camp lives 8 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)
  1. Abhimanyu born 1964?
  2. Bhima born 1998?
  3. Krishna born 1961
  4. Maasti born 1995
  5. Sri Rama
  6. Srinivas
  7. Varalakshmi

Comments / picturesMathigodu elephant Camp is located in Thithimathi, Kodagu (also known as by its former name Coorg), an administrative district in the Karnataka state of India.

2013-04: this year all the waterholes have gone dry in Mattigodu elephant camp.

2013-04-20: There are 17 elephants in the camp: They are 53-year-old Balaram which had carried Howdah 13 times during Dasara celebrations, Rajesh (48), Rajendra (46), Krishna (46), Abhimanyu (44), Somashekar (42), Asoka (40), Shekhar (39), Ravi (34), Ganesh, is a Hindu God'>Ganesh (27), Gopalakrishna (27), Khyatha (10), Bheema (10), Srinivas (7), Chamundi (14), Thunga (10), and another one-year-old calf.

2017-2018: 3 elephants sent to Jharkand.

2018-04: 5 elephants sent to West Bengal.

2018: Kabini (6) and Nakula (9) sent to Dudhwa, which left 27 elephants at the camp.

2020-10-14: Rajendra died.

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