Tierpark Berlin in Germany

Tierpark Berlin
Plan from 1821 with the Friedrichsfelde castle, during the time when the garden  was developed into a park, by Peter Joseph Lenné (1789-1866)
Plan from 1821 with the Friedrichsfelde castle, during the time when the garden was developed into a park, by Peter Joseph Lenné (1789-1866)

First elephant arrived1954
Last elephant left2020
AddressAm Tierpark 125, Friedrichsfelde
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Head keepers
of elephants
?-2006: Ingolf Kastirke
Mario Hammerschmidt
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Tierpark Berlin, located at Am Tierpark 125, Friedrichsfelde, in Berlin, Germany, was founded in 1954 and the first elephant arrived in 1954. The last elephant left in 2020.

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Tiergarten Berlin-Friedrichsfelde was built in 1954, since the population in East-Berlin could not visit the old Berlin Zoo in West-Berlin. The citizens of Berlin Ost were invited to help build their zoo, and they would get free lunch as compensation.

The first elephants arrived in 1955, left Dombo from Firma Hagenbeck, right Bambi from Firma Ruhe.

1989: a new elephant house was erected.

1999: the first elephant in Berlin Tierpark was born.

2006-09-30: Mafuta attacked head elephant keeper Ingolf Kastirke, and was relocated to Halle Zoo.

2020: All Asian elephants were relocated to Leipzig Zoo, and renovation of elephant facilities were initiated.

Video with Asian elephants and keeper Mario Hammerschmidt:

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