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Above you can either search for an elephants name, capture year, import year, transfer year, a location name or for a certain country. You can also use the navigation links on top, on "database" you can choose births and deaths for any given year 1880-today.

Click on a country to see overview of statistical number and the category of different locations within the country

When you click on a location: four different category tabs let you choose how much, and what you want to see: (the tabs also show how many individuals are within each category) Location info contains basic records and history about a location, present give an overview over the elephants living on the location now, births list the elephants which was born on the location, deaths the one that died there, and total gives a full-length list of all elephants which was ever at the location.

Elephants with Unknown present or death location, origin, birth or previous location, are listed on the fictional location unknown location, and elephant with Unknown destiny are also listed at lost, to follow up, while possible duplicates (two different records elephants who may be the same elephant) are listed at possible duplicates?. If you have any information regarding those elephants, please contact us.

Click on every elephant to see the individual presentaton with history on present and past locations, and see eventual existing and documented parentage and offspring. each individual has a number in the database, each location also, and the number one; Sebas pickled elephant ( was the first description of the one species; "The Elephant", by Carl Linnaeus, who thought his elephant came from Ceylon, but later Research with DNA, confirmed it is actually an African elephant, today located at the Swedish Museum of Natural History ( The new lectotype for Asian elephant since 2013 is Hansken (Born 1630. Dead 1655-11-09) since 1775 located at La Specola Museum of Zoology and Natural History in Firenze, Italy

There are also a number of sections with different data sorts, like regional studbooks and breeding, transfer and relocations of elephants, births and deaths, disease and longevity, and year lists from 1880-today. You can also see the list of elephants with submitted documented birth weights, elephants with submitted documented body weights elephants with submitted documented body heights, list of elephant mankillers, list of elephant names.

Reference list Koehl, Dan, (2024). Search & Find. Elephant Encyclopedia, available online retrieved 20 September 2021 at (archived at the Wayback machine)

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