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The website elephant.se is owned, programmed and managed by elephant trainer Dan Koehl, Stockholm, Sweden. It is in no way a finished and complete documenation, but has reached a level where at least a visitor can get a rough overview of the captive population of elephants in history and today, as well as insight into elephantine specific medical issues.

The website was inspired by the American Israeli zoologist, evolutionary biologist and an elephant specialist, late Dr Jeheskiel "Hezy" Shoshani, founder of The Elephant Research Foundation, who was also the editor for the the publication Elephant during a time, when less publications were written and easy to read and assimilate for elephant interested persons. Hezy not only inspired me, but also volontarily helped me start the website and answer some of the FAQ questions from the website visitors, which I felt needed to be answered by a scientist. Unfortunately Hezy Shoshani was killed in a terrorism-linked explosion in a public minibus in Ethiopia in 2008, when the elephant world lost a most creative force and advocate of elephant conservation.

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