African savanna elephant (Loxodonta africana) at
Amboseli National Park in Kenya

♀ Abigail


AERP family idAA family


Species:African savanna elephant (Loxodonta africana)
Sex and age:Female ♀ maybe about 57 years old (estimated age)
Management:Wild elephant
Born:* 1967? wild
Birth place: in Amboseli National Park

Parents: x ♀ Wart Ear
Locations - owners
Present / last location:Amboseli National Park, in Kenya

Date of arrival

Amboseli National Park
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Abigail is a living Female ♀ African savanna elephant (Loxodonta africana) , located at the Amboseli National Park, in Kenya.

Abigail arrived to the Amboseli National Park unknown date,


Abigail lives together with 164 other elephants at the Amboseli National Park:

detailed list with arrival dates etc. of the other elephants


Abigail was born wild 1967? at Amboseli National Park.


Parents of Abigail are: ♂ (father) and ♀ Wart Ear (mother).

Siblings through the mother Wart Ear:

  1. 1972-04-00(M) Amos


Abigails ancestral Pedigree:


Sire (f):


Sire ff:

Sire fff:
Dame ffm:
Dame fm:

Sire fmf:
Dame fmm:

Dame m:
Wart Ear

Born: 1944?

Sire mf:

Sire mff:
Dame mfm:
Dame mm:

Sire mmf:
Dame mmm:

Comments / pictures

1982: Agatha and Abigail had daughters as well in March 1982. Amelia and Agatha were 13-14 years old when they became mothers for the first time and Abigail was 14-15. Abigail was suspected to have been pregnant two years before but apparently had a stillbirth. If her calf had lived she would have been a mother at 12 years,
which is at the low end of the age range.

1987: Abigail and Agatha had calves
who survived in January 1987.

1991: In the meantime during 1991 there were two successful births: Abigail and Alison both had sons.

1996: Abigail gave birth to a calf in February 1996 and it appeared to have been either born dead or have died within a few hours of birth. We found it in the morning with the whole family
surrounding it and they refused to leave it for many hours. Abigail has produced many healthy calves and so it was surprising that this one died.

1997: Wart Ear’s daughter Abigail formed a sub-family of her own including her Adult daughter Anwyn, their calves, her younger sister Anastasia and her brother Alpha Blondy. At first they sometimes moved with Amy but eventually they became completely independent of the Amy section of the AAs, so much so that we decided to declare them a new family and gave them the code letters AC. This kind of complete split is rare and it just makes elephants all the more intriguing.

2009: The AC family, the offspring of Wart Ear, actually did better than most, maybe because it was a small family. Both of Wart Ear’s daughters, Abigail and Anastasia, survived. They only
lost one calf and remain with seven members.

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