Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark

Copenhagen Zoo
The old elephant house
The old elephant house
Local nameZoologisk Have
Size11 hectares (27 acres)
First elephant arrived1878
AddressSdr. Fasanvej 79
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Directors1859-1871 Niels Kjærbølling
1871-1874 Fritz Hugo Kjærbølling
1874-1886 C.F. Fencker (William Sørensen, S. Jensen)
1886-1887 W. Rose
1887-1889 P. Pallensen
1889-1900 C.A. Hofman-Bang
1900-1910 Julius Schiøtt
1910-1924 Waldemar Dreyer (Lassen Landorph)
1925-1942 Theodor Alving
1943-1954 Axel Reventlow
1954-1956 Bøje Benzon
1956-1969 Svend Andersen
1969-1978 Arne Dyhrberg
1979-1994 Bent Jørgensen
1994-2011 Lars Lunding Andersen
2011-2012 Bengt Holst
2012-2017 Steffen StrædeBengt Holst
2017- now Jørgen Nielsen

Head keepers
of elephants
Jens Larsen
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Copenhagen has a long tradition of breeding elephants. The first calf, [[Kaspar]] was born already 1907, and the king of Denmark has several elephants as a gift from the king of Thailand.

The late Danish king Frederik IX wrote a handwritten letter the 29th of January 1962 to the chairman of the board of the Copenhagen Zoo, Dr. Böje Benzon, with the following content:

Dr Böje Benzon
As You know, I was honored with the gift of three elephant babies in Thailand; when the first arrives i dont know, but I would like to ask You if I may deponate them in Zoologisk Have. The youngest and last one is only seven months old, so I doubt that he comes within the nest two years. The other two, I believe, comes within two months.
With best greetings to Your wife,
Yours sincerely

2001: In 2001 Copenhagen recieved three elephants from Surin in Thailand, 2 a gift from the king of Thailand, to the king of Denmark, and a thir, named Surin, was a gift from the people of Surin Province. Copenhagen staff: On the bottom from left are; John Stegmann, Kim Oliver and Claus Pedersen. On the right is Peter Jensen.(Photo: Photo © Nai Somchai Madee, Ban Ta Klang,Surin.)

Area of the Old Elephant Enclosure compared to the New Elephant Enclosure
Old facilityNew facility
Total area2,025 m210,730 m2
Elephant area indoor250 m21,360 m2
Elephant area outdoor820 m23,350 m2
Technique and service140 m2770 m2
Visitors’ area indoor120 m2950 m2

Photo: © Jens Madsen

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