Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) at
St Louis Zoo in United States

♀ Jade


SSP nr646


Species:Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Sex and age:Female ♀ 17 years old
Management:Free contact
Born:* 2007-02-25 captive-born
Birth place: in St Louis Zoo
Birth weight 107.00 kgs, 235.40 lbs

Parents: Raja x ♀ Rani
Locations - owners
Present / last location:St Louis Zoo, in United States

Date of arrival

2007-02-25St Louis Zoo
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Jade is a living sick Female ♀ Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) , located at the St Louis Zoo, in United States.

Jade arrived in 2007-02-25 to the St Louis Zoo,


Jade lives together with 6 other elephants at the St Louis Zoo:

detailed list with arrival dates etc. of the other elephants
  1. Ellie born 1971
  2. Maliha born 2006-08-02
  3. Pearl born 1971
  4. Priya born 2013-04-26
  5. Raja born 1992-12-27
  6. Sri born 1980


Jade was born captive-born 2007-02-25 at St Louis Zoo.


Parents of Jade are: ♂ Raja (father) and ♀ Rani (mother).

Siblings through the father Raja:

  1. 2005-11-19 -- † 2005-11-19 (F) stillborn fetus still in utero
  2. 2006-08-02(F) Maliha
  3. 2010-07-08 -- † 2010-07-08 (F) miscarriage
  4. 2011-06-24 -- † 2018-02-24 (F) Kenzi
  5. 2013-04-26(F) Priya
  6. 2020-07-06 -- † 2020-08-02 (M) Avi

Siblings through the mother Rani:

  1. 2011-06-24 - † 2018-02-24 (F) Kenzi
  2. 2020-07-06 - † 2020-08-02 (M) Avi


Jades ancestral Pedigree:


Sire (f):

Born: 1992-12-27

Sire ff:
Onyx (Big Mac)

Born: 1962
Sire fff:
Dame ffm:
Dame fm:

Born: 1971
Sire fmf:
Dame fmm:

Dame m:

Born: 1996-07-05

Sire mf:
Indy (Butch)

Born: 1971
Sire mff:
Dame mfm:
Dame mm:

Born: 1971
Sire mmf:
Dame mmm:

Comments / pictures

The 236-pound elephant was born to Rani, the St Louis Zoos 10-year-old Asian elephant. This is Ranis first baby and second for the father, Raja. Raja is also the father of little Maliha, who was born in August. Its the second calf in a year at the zoo. Ranis mother, Ellie, gave birth last year to Maliha, also fathered by Raja.
Rani Gives Birth, 02/26/07

Jade survived two viremia episodes, one with EEHV1B and later with EEHV1A.

2009-02-11: Jade, a 23-month-old Asian elephant at the St. Louis Zoo, has been diagnosed with a potentially fatal strain of herpes. Jade is receiving antiviral Medication and round-the-clock care from the veterinary and keeper staff. Jade had been acting lethargic Sunday. A blood sample submitted to the Smithsonian National Zoological Parks elephant herpes Research laboratory Monday showed the presence of elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus (EEHV) .

2009-12-10: Herpes Virus returns to St. Louis Zoos elephant Jade
Jade experienced a recurrence of herpes virus that struck last February, and received intravenous antiviral Medication and 24-hour care. The Zoo didnt expect a relapse because none of the other survivors (of this virus) have had notable relapses.

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