Pancho at Parque Zoológico La Pastora (The Shepard)

Male ♂ African Bush elephant Pancho at Parque Zoológico La Pastora (The Shepard)

Pancho. Parque Zoologico La Pastora. Photo: © Luis Lopez
† Pancho
ID Number:
Species: African Bush elephant
Sex and age:Male ♂ 30 years old
Dead date: 2010-05-02
Death reason: unknown: leg injury
Location:Parque Zoológico La Pastora (The Shepard)
ArrivalParque Zoológico La Pastora (The Shepard)
Born:1980 wild
Offspring, year of birth, year of death:

    Total: 3 babies

  1. () 1996 -- † 1996 none
  2. () 2002 -- † 2002 none
  3. (M) 2006-05-30 Monty
Document updated2009-04-01: New elephant RE
2010-12-19: Birth, Death, Previous locations, Image, Text RE
At thirty years of age, Pancho died in May 2010 due to an injury in his left leg. He had sired three calves at La Pastora, the third whom was the first successful birth of an African elephant in Mexico. He had resided at La Pastora for twenty five years.

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