Chico at Caldwell Zoo

Male ♂ African Bush elephant (Loxodonta africana) Chico at Caldwell Zoo

Chico. Caldwell Zoo 11/2010. Photo: © Ryan Easley
† Chico
ID Number:   SSP Number: 54 - 
Species: African Bush elephant (Loxodonta africana)
Sex and age:Male ♂ 44 years old
Body height: 3.05 meter, 10.0 feet
Body weight: 6590.91 kg, 14500.00 lbs
Dead date: 2011-07-09
Death reason: unknown:
Location:Caldwell Zoo
ArrivedCaldwell Zoo 2003-05-02
from San Diego Safari Park (San Diego Wild Animal Park)
San Diego Safari Park (San Diego Wild Animal Park) 1977-04-20
from Riverbanks Zoological Park
Riverbanks Zoological Park 1974-10-17
from International Fertilizer and Chemical Company (Fred Zeehandelaar)
International Fertilizer and Chemical Company (Fred Zeehandelaar) 1974-00-00
from Mallorca Safari Park (Auto Safari Reserva Africana)
Born:1967 wild Zambia
Capture: 1969,
Offspring, year of birth, year of death:

    Total: 5 babies

  1. (M) 1981-08-22 -- † 1981-09-02 Thor, SSP nr: 208
  2. (F) 1982-01-29 Tavi, SSP nr: 212
  3. (M) 1982-05-07 -- † 1982-06-05 Kumi, SSP nr: 214
  4. (F) 1982-05-24 Moja, SSP nr: 215
  5. (M) 1982-06-22 Tsavo, SSP nr: 216
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2011-07-14: death
Chico was brought to the Caldwell Zoo in May 2003 from the San Diego Wild Animal Park, where he had resided since 1977. His relocation, as well as three females that went to the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, made possible the import of seven elephants from South Africa. From 2004 to 2010, nine elephants have been born at the facility in California.

Chico is one of the largest elephants in North America. He measures ten feet tall at the shoulder and weighs over 14500 pounds.

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