Joseph McCaddon

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Joseph McCaddon
Joseph  McCaddon

Personal details
Country United States

Title director 1897-1904
Location at Barnum and Baileys circus European tour in United States

Title owner 1892-1907
Location at Barnum & Bailey Circus in United States

Title director 1890-1891
Location at Adam Forepaugh Circus in United States

Title owner -
Location at MacCaddon Circus in United States

Biography details

Joseph Terry McCaddon , circus director in United States

Born 1859-01-31 in United States dead 1938-01-21 , son of other John McCaddon and other Elizabeth Gage .

Joseph Terry McCaddon, ( also sometimes referred to as James McCaddon) was brother-in-law of James Bailey.

Joseph Terry McCaddon (January 31, 1859-January 21, 1938) Born in Beverly, OH. Brother-in-law of James Bailey. On occasion, signed his name Joe Bailey. 1876, joined Bailey as an apprentice, leaving for Australia with the Cooper & Bailey show as head of wardrobe. Manager, Adam Forepaugh’s, 1890-91, after James E. Cooper and James A. Bailey purchased the show following Forepaugh’s death; with the death of Cooper, January 1, 1892, James A. Bailey shared the ownership with McCaddon. Took the show to Europe, 1904, which was a disaster, causing bankruptcy; too large a show for the small French towns and opposition from Buffalo Bills’ Wild West show. With the death of Bailey, continued to direct both the Barnum & Bailey and the Buffalo Bill shows for 2 years, representing the controlling interest of Mrs. Bailey, his sister. Disposed of all the circus holdings to the Ringlings, 1908, except the Buffalo Bill show, which he sold to Major Gordon W. Lillie (Pawnee Bill). Following, became interested in real estate in and around NYC. A man of refinement and college educated. Died of apoplexy at the home of his son, J. T. Jr., Great Neck, NY. He had another son, Stanley G., living in Coral Gables, FL.

1904: J. T. McCaddon, formerly general manager of the Barnum and Bailey show, is now in England, having sailed from New York City some days hence. An interesting rumor has it that Mr. McCaddon has organized a circus company in England, with a paid-up capital of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, which will confine its operations to European countries. It is affirmed that Mrs. James Cooper, of Philadelphia has a large interest in the company and that Mr. McCaddon has disposed of his $50,000 worth of stock in the Barnum and Bailey Greatest Show on Earth, and has invested the accrument of this sale in the European exploitation. From the time the Barnum and Bailey show was syndicated in London, until the opening of the present year, when he resigned, Mr. McCaddon was one of the directors, as well as the general manager of the show. It is also rumored that Mr. McCaddon has an option on the Walter L. Main show. This Mr. Main has denied, when questioned by friends, but from what can be gleaned, it is believed that Mr. McCaddon has some correspondence from Mr. Main regarding the matter. After the memorable tour of the Barnum and Bailey show in Europe, Mr. McCaddon has accumulated a great deal of valuable knowledge of the different countries and their respective requirements. He has probably no superior in the handling of executive details of big tented organizations. Under his direction the new circus factor (if this rumor is confirmed) should probe a good paying investment for its promoters.

1905: The Asian elephant bull William (?-1906) came to Marseille from the American Circus MacCaddon in 1905. The MacCaddon family was stranded with their circus in Grenoble, France in 1905, According to a News article the stranded circus returned USA on the steamship Roma 16 September 1905, while some members were still left behind in Grenoble, which may explain why they sold the elephant.

1905: Joseph T. McCaddon, the circus man, whose show came to grief in France, and who was arrested later in England, charged with fraudulent bankruptcy, arrived in New York on the White Star liner Baltic yesterday afternoon. When arrested he was about to embark for the United States on one of the American liners.


Total: 1 children

  1. Henry McCaddon.


Siblings through the father John McCaddon (1819 -- 1897):

  1. Ruth McCaddon Born 1846 Dead: † 1912-03-11
  2. Anna McCaddon Born ?

Joseph McCaddon s ancestral Ahnentafel:


Joseph McCaddon
Born: 1859-01-31

John McCaddon

Born: 1819

Paternal Grandfather:

Paternal Great-grandfather:
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Paternal Grandmother:

Paternal Great-grandfather::
Paternal Great-grandmother:

Elizabeth Gage

Born: 1823

Maternal Grandfather:

Maternal Great-grandfather:
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Maternal Grandmother:

Maternal Great-grandfather:
Maternal Great-grandmother:

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