Rene Gasser

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Rene Gasser
Profession circus animal trainer
Personal details
Country Australia

Title animal trainer -
Location at Circus Royale Australia in Australia

Biography details

Sonny Gasser Jr., circus animal trainer in Australia

, son of artist Ernest Gasser and artist Madi Gasser .

Rene Gasser, aka Sonny Gasser Jr, came to this country as a boy with his parents, Ernest Gasser (Sonny Sr.) and Maddi.

In his youth he worked a variety of acts - wire, knife throwing etc but his specialty was hand balancing. He was among the strongest hand balancers that we have seen in this country.

With his family he worked for his uncle Frank [Franz] Gasser's Circus Royale and Circus Atlas.

Later he started his own circus - Circus Sonelli.

When Circus Sonelli folded the horse show came out of nowhere. Sonny's horse experience at that stage was more or less zilch but he did gain some knowledge from a Spaniard, the late Fernando Alvarez who was living in Australia.

He must have been a quick learner because his shows today are world class. He employs his sisters and brother in law, owns some of his horses and leases some others from breeders who see the market value of their horses as being increased through association with this European horse master.

He works indoor venues as well as tent shows and will probably embark on overseas tours from Australia at some stage.

He is married to a beautiful Polish girl, Barbara, and they have one child.

Rene Gasser s ancestral Ahnentafel:


Rene Gasser

Ernest Gasser

Born: 1934?

Paternal Grandfather:
Dominik Gasser

Born: 1903
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Heinrich Gasser
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Paternal Grandmother:
Maria Bauer

Born: 1902-11-12
Paternal Great-grandfather::
Ludwig Bauer
Paternal Great-grandmother:



Maternal Grandfather:

Maternal Great-grandfather:
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Maternal Grandmother:

Maternal Great-grandfather:
Maternal Great-grandmother:

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