Wellington Zoo in New Zealand

Wellington Zoo
Riding elephant in Wellington Zoo, 1943
Riding elephant in Wellington Zoo, 1943


First elephant arrived1927
Last elephant left1983
Address Newtown Park
Place Wellington 2
Country New Zealand
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Wellington Zoo, located at Newtown Park, in Wellington 2, New Zealand , was founded in 1906 and the first elephant arrived in 1927. The last elephant left in 1983.

Comments / pictures1927 was a big year for Wellington Zoo as it was the first time an elephant lived at the Zoo. Her name was Nellikuthra and she was an Asian elephant given to the Zoo by the Government of Madras. Since then the Zoo has had three other elephants, Maharanee, Nirvana, and probably the most remembered of all, Kamala.

Many Zoo visitors remember going for rides on the elephants or watching them as the keepers took them for baths.

Kamala, Wellington Zoos third and most remembered elephant, arrived in 1953. Her arrival and long walk through Wellington streets to the Zoo were watched by hundreds of spectators and she remained a favourite attraction until her death in 1983. In 1983 Kamala died and after a lot debate the Zoo decided not to get another elephant.

Wellington Zoo in New Zealand New+Zealand
Elephant and keeper Paul W

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