Bailey Brothers Circus in United States

Bailey Brothers Circus
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CountryUnited States

1934: owner Phillip Isley. 1935: owner: Harley Sadler, 1936: owner: Bob Morton, 1946: owner Big Bob Stevens.

Records about from Bob Cline
Bailey Bros. Circus ( Big Bob Stevens )

Babe Asian Female 1946 to 1948
Baby Burma Asian 1953
Bonnie Asian Female 1961
Carrie Asian Female 1946 to 1948
Christy Asian Female 1946 to 1948
Mike Asian Female 1946 Bought and Died in 1946
Mike Asian Female 1946 Another named Mike - Also Bought and Died in 1946
Ruth Asian Female 1944 Died on the show in 1944
Shirley Female 1947 to 1948
Suzie Q. Asian Female 1961
Tommy 1946 to 1947 Died in 1947 Arrived in US in 1946 with Christy, Shirley, Carrie and Babe Guestbook Recent changes-updates Glossary - Encyclopedia Frequently asked questions Elephant Facts & Trivia Evolution Extinct:Proboscidea Species Anatomy Diseases People Care Footcare Training Breeding Database Location database Shiva Organizations Literature F Posters Website Webrings Contact Selected links News