Circus Sarrasani in Germany

Circus Sarrasani

First elephant1902
Stopped elephants1944
Closed down1945

Hans Stosch-Sarrasani
Hans Stosch-Sarrasani

1902: Circus founded by Hans Stosch (artist name Giovanni Sarrasani) in Dresden.
1902: In the same year he bought his first elephant, an asian elephant trained to ride on bicycle, from Hagenbecks.
Sarrasani later bought 7 elephants from director Pinkert in Leipzig Zoo (Source: Rudolf Kludsky).
1914: Sarrasani bought Circus Henry
1917: An elephant was shot on the circus, and served at restaurant Bärenschenke, Webergasse 27-29 in Dresden.
1921-04-28: Rosa, the cow elephant, crushed the trainer Wilhelm Philadelphia to death on the wall of her box at the Sarrasani Circus in 1921
1926: Sarrasani had 22 elephants.
1930: Fritz Oehme was a famous elephant trainer of the circus Sarrasani during the thirties.
1934-09-21: Hans Stosch-Sarrasani died on tour in Sao Paolo.
1934-09-21: Hans Stosch-Sarrasani jun. (1897 – 1941) took over the circus.
1941: Trude Stosch-Sarrasani (1913 – 2009) took over the circus, after her husband died in Southamerica.
1944: 11 elephants, 1 hippo and 1 school horse went to National Circus Gebr. Knie from the Sarrasani together with Fritz Oehme trainer. Names: The 11 elephant bought by Knie from Sarrasani were: Menta, Tony, Rani, Herta, Punchy, Claudia, Maundy, Contess, Mary, Tarka and Frieda.
1956: Fritz Mey (1904 – 1993) and Hedwig Stosch-Brandt restarted Circus Sarrasani in Mannheim.
1980 - 2000: Ingrid Stosch-Sarrasani had the leadership.
2000: André Sarrasani (*1972), son of Fritz Mey and Ingrid Wimmer, and adopted by Ingrid Stosch-Sarrasani, took over the circus.

Sarasani sent all of their elephants (13 or 14) to Circus Knie during the Second World War for fear of losing them to enemy bombing. They, of course, were right as their permanent building and winter quarters in Dresden was raised to the ground. Gerd Siemonite told me he saw the show in the building as a small boy and went back in the morning and the building was completely destroyed. They laid the dead human bodies out on the elephant boards because the elephants weren’t there. The only animal that survived was the hippo, which was in its tank underneath the building. Rolf Knie Snr. wrote a very good book about the Knie elephants and it talks about their origins.
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