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Okinawa Zoo, Japan , was founded in 1972.

Living elephants

At the Okinawa Zoo lives 2 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)
  1. Rahul born 2003
  2. Ruka (Ryuka, Devi) born 2000

Comments / picturesThe Okinawa Zoo received two young Asian elephants from India in return for ten animals, including two blue sheep.

2007: (Yokohama is an error, should be Okinawa) Jaldapara jumbos off to Yokohama: Two elephants, Rahul and Devi, were ferried to Yokohama zoo from Calcutta on Wednesday by Air India’s ‘combo’ flight (passenger and cargo aircraft). The two elephants were brought to Calcutta airport on Tuesday from Jaldapara sanctuary. The aircraft landed at the airport around 6am and took off at 10am. The flight, usually from Delhi to Tokyo via Bangkok, was diverted through Calcutta on Wednesday for carrying the elephants.Jaldapara jumbos off to Yokohama

While Rahul was born in Holong in 2002, Devi was born in Chilapata in 2000. The two have the same father, a Tusker named Nilkanto, but different mothers.

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