Norris and Rowe Circus in United States

Norris and Rowe Circus
First elephant0
Closed down1910
CountryUnited States

H. S. Rowe was owner and manager, Chris Zeitz was in charge of the elephants.

Norris and Rowe Circus went bankrupt in 1910, and was sold on auction to Ben Wallace and William P. Hall, who among other items bought the elephants, Hero and Dutchess, and some other animals.

1910: Sold on auction; The general circus paraphernalia, including wagons, cages, tents, cooking utensils, etc., brought very low figures, but when the purchasers reached the wild animals better prices were secured. "Hero," the nine foot bull elephant, was sold at $1,000, and "Duchess," the female, brought $1,650.
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