Circus Busch (Paul Busch) in Germany

Circus Busch (Paul Busch)
Circus Busch, Berlin 1916
Circus Busch, Berlin 1916


Owner 1884-1927: Paul Busch Sr.
Closed down1962
Country Germany
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Directors-1937: Emil Wacker (director)
1927-1948: Paula Busch (director)

Key People -: Elisabeth Puncha (artist)
-: Dagmar Puncha (animal trainer)
-: Micaela Busch (animal trainer)
1884: Constanze Busch (assistant director)
1903-1907: Arthur Konyot (animal trainer)
1917-1924: Alois Uhl (assistant director)
1917-1927: Paula Busch (assistant director)
1929-1931: Maria Rasputin (animal trainer)


Elephant department

Head keepers
of elephants
: Franz Adamski
(elephant trainer)
1926-1927: Epi Vidane
(elephant trainer)
1930-1948: Epi Vidane
(elephant trainer)

Elephant keepers -: Erich Böttcher
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Circus Busch (Paul Busch), Germany , was founded in 1884. Circus Busch (Paul Busch) closed down in 1962.

Comments / picturesCircus Busch traveled with a large menagerie, including a Herd of twelve elephants trained by the legendary Sri Lankan trainer Epi Vidane.

1850: Paul Busch Sr. was born as Paul Vinzenz Theodor Busch, son to a winehandler in Berlin. After military service he bought some horses and started to tour with circuses. During a show in Odessa he met "Miss Constanze" (Constanze Busch) who he married.
1884-06-29: Paul Busch founded hos own circus in Svendborg.
1886: Paula Busch was born.
1891: Busch established a circus building in Hamburg-Altona.
1892: Busch rebuild a Panoramabuilding into a circus im Wiener Prater.
1895: Busch established a circus building at Berliner Bahnhof Börse in Berlin, with over 4 300 seats.
1902: Busch bought the Circus Renz building in Hamburg.
1903: Busch bought a circus building in Breslau.
1911: Paula Busch married Dr. Alois Uhl, and had a daughter with him, Micaela.
1924: Paula Busch divorced Alois Uhl.
1927: Paul Busch died, and Paula Busch became director.
1936: Micaela Busch married Emil Wacker, who was directing circus Busch.
1936: Paula Busch bought most of Adolf Strassburgers circus Circus Strassburger, since Strassburger fled to Netherlands, during the german Nazi period.
1937: Emil and Micaelas son Paul Busch Jr. was born.
1937: The same year 1937, the circus builing in Berlin was destroyed by the Nazis. From this time, until 1948, the circus show was kept in an open arena.
1943-1944: 4 elephants came from Cirkus Busch in Germany to Furuviks Zoo in Sweden, with the trainer Adamsky.
1948: The last show for Circus Busch, and Paula went to her daughter Micaela in Sweden, where Micaela and Emil Wacker had a circus in Furuvik.
1952: Paula Busch reopened her circus in Germany as Circus Busch-Berlin.
1962: Circus Busch-Berlin made their last show, after bankrupsy.
1963: A fusion with Circus Busch-Berlin and Circus Roland-Bremen, founded a new merged circus, Circus Busch-Roland

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