Present living elephants at Zurich Zoo in Switzerland

This database list 8 elephants

OriginAgeDOBParentsArrivalArrival from location
1 EEP id: 200204 ChandraEM Fcaptive-born 192002-05-14Maxi x Indi2002-05-14
2 EEP id: 202002 UmeshEM Mcaptive-born 12020-02-05Thai x Indi2020-02-05
3 EEP id: 201705 RuwaniEM Fcaptive-born 42017-02-25Thai x Farha2017-02-25
4 EEP id: 201406 OmyshaEM Fcaptive-born 72014-06-17Maxi x Indi2014-06-17
5 EEP id: 200507 FarhaEM Fcaptive-born 162005-05-03Maxi x Ceyla (Ceyla-Himali)2005-05-03
6 EEP id: 8602 IndiEM Funknown 351986-02-28 x 1999-10-08Circus Knie
7 EEP id: 7602 Ceyla (Ceyla-Himali)EM Fwild 461975-07-01 x 1976-03-24Sri Lanka National Zoological Gardens (Dehiwela Zoo)
8 EEP id: 200408 ThaiEM Mcaptive-born 172004-11-26Hussein x Thura2014-08-12Heidelberg Zoo

Source for the list of elephants presently living at Zurich Zoo

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Facts about present living elephants at Zurich Zoo in Switzerland at Zurich Zoo in Switzerland, Elephant Encyclopedia, Koehl, D. (2021), available online retrieved 18 September 2021 at (archived at the Wayback machine)

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Latest updateName of elephantSource (if it is a website, the target website will open in new window)
2020-04-22 Umesh:
  • 2018-05-12 Indi:
  •" (Georges Frei, Switzerland)
  • 2018-03-02 Ruwani:

  • 2017-03-25 Omysha:
  • Elisabeth Hiendl
  • 2017-03-09 Ceyla (Ceyla-Himali):
  •" (Georges Frei, Switzerland)
  • 2017-03-09 Chandra:
  •" (Georges Frei, Switzerland)
  • 2017-03-06 Farha:
  •" (Georges Frei, Switzerland)
  • Andrea Vonau, Switzerland

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