Tanh Linh National park in Vietnam

Tanh Linh National park

Place Tanh Linh District
Region Bình Thuận Province
Country Vietnam
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Tanh Linh National park, in Tanh Linh District, Vietnam .

Comments / pictures1995-1999: It has been said that in neighboring Dong Nai province, a Group of 60 or so elephants known as the Tanh Linh Herd once regularly moved between the Tan Phu forest, crossing the La Nga (Ivory) River, and Binh Thuan province.

1999: In April 1999, these elephants moved to the area from Tan Phu Forest Enterprise, where they had been living previously. Since 1995, this Group of elephants was responsible for the deaths of at least 15 people in the Tan Phu, Tanh Linh and Bien Lac-Nui Ong areas.

2000: 9 elephants, because of elephant human conflict, the elephants were decided to be translocated to Yok Don National Park.

2001: 8 Captured by expert team from Malaysia, 6 relocated to Yok Don National Park4 adults, and 2 babies which were too small to survive in the forest, why they were trained , and are now in captivity. 2 Adult elephants died due to miscalculation of elephants weight, and the tranqualisation was done with lethal overdose.

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