Mew Salangam in Thailand

Mew Salangam
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AddressBan Ta Klang, Krapho

Mew Salangam was born 1926 in the Kui village of Ban Ta Klang. His father had 5 elephants, which he started to work with, when he was 10 years old. After his fathers death, being the only son, he inherited those elephants, and cought another 5 for himself. Altogether he has cought 50-60 elephants, the last catch was about 40 years ago.

His last 2 elephants were passed to his sons, Oun is staying with his son Lo Salangam in Chiang Rai, and the second son is staying with the elephant Doeng Raw in Pattaya. Guestbook Recent changes-updates Glossary - Encyclopedia Frequently asked questions Elephant Facts & Trivia Evolution Extinct:Proboscidea Species Anatomy Diseases People Care Footcare Training Breeding Database Location database Shiva Organizations Literature F Posters Website Webrings Contact Selected links News