Saree Elephant Training Center (PLG-Saree) in Indonesia

Saree Elephant Training Center (PLG-Saree)

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AddressSaree, Cut Nyak Dien Forest Park
PlaceBanda Aceh

The elephant school in Saree village, known as PLG-Saree, was set up in 1994 within the Cut Nyak Dien Forest Park, around 70 kilometers from Banda Aceh, the capital of Aceh, and has been training 48 elephants.

The park was named after Aceh’s heroine, who fought against the Dutch colonial rule. The 6,300-hectare zone is at the foot of Mt. Seulawah, one of Aceh’s active volcanoes, and is under the protection of the provincial forestry and plantations office. It was previously used by rangers who guard the forest against poachers and illegal loggers who hunt wild animals from the protected forest. Guestbook Recent changes-updates Glossary - Encyclopedia Frequently asked questions Elephant Facts & Trivia Evolution Extinct:Proboscidea Species Anatomy Diseases People Care Footcare Training Breeding Database Location database Shiva Organizations Literature F Posters Website Webrings Contact Selected links News