Present living elephants at Lodz Zoo in Poland

This database list 4 elephants

Nr Sex Species Name Id Origin Age Arrival from location
1 ♂ EM Shwe Myarr
EEP id: 201109
Born captive-born 2011-08-08 by Radsch x Mingalar Oo at Emmen Zoo , 13 yrs2023-04-27 Plock Zoo
2 ♂ EM Kyan
EEP id: 201212
Born captive-born 2012-11-01 by Alexander x Indra at Amersfoort Zoo , 12 yrs2022-09-13 Veszprem Kittenberger Kalman Zoo
3 ♂ EM Taru
EEP id: 201317
Born captive-born 2013-12-31 by Nikolai x Manari at Hannover Zoo , 11 yrs2022-03-10 Szeged Zoo
4 ♂ EM Alexander
EEP id: 7802 SSP id: 363
Born captive-born 1978 by Motek x Warda at Tel Aviv Zoo , 46 yrs2021-07-02 Munster Zoo

Source for the list of elephants presently living at Lodz Zoo

Reference list

Facts about present living elephants at Lodz Zoo in Poland at Lodz Zoo in Poland, Elephant Encyclopedia, Koehl, D. (2024), available online retrieved 25 June 2024 at (archived at the Wayback machine)

Sources used for this list:

Latest updateName of elephantSource (if it is a website, the target website will open in new window)
2020-04-28 Kyan:• Tobias Dornbusch, EEG
2018-05-18 Taru:•
2018-04-07 Shwe Myarr:• Rob Belterman
2018-03-03 Alexander:•
•  Daniela Dunger, Leipzig
•  Petra Prager, Berlin
•  Martijn Fabrie, Netherlands
•  Ryan Easley, USA
•  Jonas Livet, France
Elephants and Egotists by Patricia Sumerling

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