Knysna forest in South Africa

Knysna forest
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CountrySouth Africa

Knysna forest covers a mere 568 km2 (Midgley et al. 1997). The Knysna forest occurs along the southern Cape coastline of South Africa, at 34°S and between 22° and 25°E.

Of roughly 500 elephants in the 1860s, just 12 remained by 1920.

In 1970, that number was ten; by 1990, only four (Vermeulen 2000).

Until recently, it was believed that only one elephant, an elderly cow, remained (Panafrican News Agency 2000).

In early October 2000, however, a young bull was photographed in the forest (Panafrican News Agency 2000).

2008-09-30: Knysna, South Africa;
"Although SANParks believes there is no reliable evidence that more than one elephant is living in the indigenous Knysna forests, it has begun a DNA study of dung to determine the size of the herd."
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