Kottoor elephant rehabilitation centre (ERC) in India

Kottoor elephant rehabilitation centre (ERC)
Local nameThiruvananthapuram Kappukadu
Size56 hectares
First elephant arrived2008
AddressKappukadu, Kottoor, Mannoorkara Village
PlaceKattakkada Taluk
DistrictThiruvananthapuram district
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Kottoor elephant rehabilitation centre (ERC) , located at Kappukadu, Kottoor, Mannoorkara Village, in Kattakkada Taluk, India, was founded in 2008 and the first elephant arrived in 2008.

Living elephants

At Kottoor elephant rehabilitation centre (ERC) lives 18 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)

  1. Aameena born 2020?
  2. ,
  3. Agasthyan born 2010?
  4. ,
  5. Ammu born 2002
  6. ,
  7. Chinna born 2017?
  8. ,
  9. Jaysree born 1972
  10. ,
  11. Kottoor Kannan born 2018-02-00?
  12. ,
  13. Kottoor Soman born 1942?
  14. ,
  15. Manu born 2017?
  16. ,
  17. Maya born 2017?
  18. ,
  19. Minna born 2003
  20. ,
  21. Moni born 1946?
  22. ,
  23. Podichi born 2014?
  24. ,
  25. Poorna born 2016?
  26. ,
  27. Raja born 2013?
  28. ,
  29. Rajkumar born 1989
  30. ,
  31. Rana
  32. ,
  33. Sundari born 2009
  34. ,
  35. Unnikrishnan born 2009
  36. ,

Comments / pictures

2008: The ERC initially had three elephants of different age groups when it started. The project when completed will house 30 elephants.

2012: 9 elephants.

2018: Elephant Rehabilitation Centre, Kappukad, Kottoor spreads over an area of 56 hectares and at present has 17 elephants which include calves, sub-adults and adults of both sexes.

2019-11-09: Sreekutty was brought to the Kappukadu elephant rehabilitation centre on November 8, 2019.

2021-07-02: The elephant rehabilitation centre in Kottoor is on high alert following the death of an elephant calf due to elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus (EEHV) and the diagnoses of the infection in two others. The first casualty of the deadly virus at the centre was Sreekutty, aged one year and seven months. The calf died on June 28, 2021.

2021-07-06: Kottoor Arjunnan died. Podichi, Aamina and Kannan are present process IV remedy as they confirmed signs of the virus an infection. Apart from them, six different calves beneath the age of 10 years are beneath statement and have been given prophylactics to stop an infection. There have been a complete of 11 calves beneath the age of 10 years on the centre and with the dying of Sreekutty final week and now Arjun, the quantity has come right down to 9.

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