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Pregnancy is the time during which one or more offspring develops (gestates) inside a pregnant female's Uterus.

Elephants in good body condition should gain no more than 5% of their body weight during pregnancy.

19 Elephants declared pregnant.

Index Sex Species Name Id Origin Arrival Location
1♀ EM -Kham Noi-

Born captive-born 2013 x Alive 2016-00-00 Bamboo Elephant Family Care
2♀ EM -Aishwarya Kali-

Born unknown x Alive Koshi Tappu Hattisar (KTWR)
3♀ LA -Amahle-

Born wild x Nolwazi Alive 2018-10-16 Fresno Chaffee Zoological Gardens
4♀ LA -Nolwazi-

Born wild x Alive 2018-10-16 Fresno Chaffee Zoological Gardens
5♀ LA -Omma-

Born wild x Jayei Alive 2016-03-11 Omahas Henry Doorly Zoo
6♀ EM -Farha-

EEP id: 200507
Born captive-born 2005-05-03 Maxi x Ceyla (Ceyla-Himali) Alive 2005-05-03 Zurich Zoo
7♀ LA -Chupa-

EEP id: 20024
Born captive-born 2003-12-25 Ndume x Simba Alive 2013-10-16 Erfurt Zoo
8♀ EM -Ngatini-

Born unknown ~2000-00-00 x Alive 2017-03-00 Buluh Cina ecopark
9♀ EM -Geo I-

Born wild x Alive 2021-12-00 Elephant Special Tours
10♀ LA -Heri-

EEP id: 7602
Born wild 1976 x Alive 1988-08-24 Basel Zoo
11♀ LA -Tana-

EEP id: 20006
Born captive-born 2001-05-04 Tembo x Pori Alive 2008-07-17 Halle Zoo
12♀ LA -Litsemba-

SSP id: 529
Born wild 1990 x Alive 2012-03-06 Tucson Reid Park Zoo (Randolph Park Zoo)
13♀ LA -Punda-

EEP id: 9206
Born wild 1992 x Alive 2015-03-23 Beekse Bergen Safaripark
14♀ LA -Bongi-

Local birth nr: 1
EEP id: 20037
Born captive-born 2005-06-03 Tusker x Punda Alive 2015-03-23 Beekse Bergen Safaripark
15♀ LA -Renee-

SSP id: 182
Born wild 1979 x Alive 1982-06-28 Toledo Zoo
16♀ EM -Lamyai-

Born unknown 1982-01-30 x Alive Ban Ta Klang elephant village
17♀ LA -Pina Nessie-

Local birth nr: 8
EEP id: 201303?
Born captive-born 2013-08-11? Tusker x Punda Alive 2015-03-23 Beekse Bergen Safaripark
18♀ EM -Chaitra-

Local id: 2 DCEMK id: 2
Born captive-born 1971 x Alive Ramapura camp
19♀ EM -Ikeo-

Born captive-born 1983 Ba Kok x noname (dombray) Alive 2015-00-00 Airavata Elephant Foundation

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Reference list Koehl, Dan, (2023). Pregnancy. Elephant Encyclopedia, available online retrieved 20 September 2021 at (archived at the Wayback machine)

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