Vera (Bingo) at Arthur Brothers Circus

† Vera (Bingo)
ID Number:   SSP Number: T2128 - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female ♀ 65 years old
Dead date: 1945-07-11
Death reason: unknown:
Location:Arthur Brothers Circus
ArrivedArthur Brothers Circus 1942-00-00
from Jimmy Hamiter
Jimmy Hamiter 1940-00-00
from Parker and Watts Circus
Parker and Watts Circus 1938-00-00
from Jimmy Hamiter
Jimmy Hamiter 1932-02-06
from William P Hall Animal Farm
William P Hall Animal Farm 1932-00-00
from Robbins Brothers Circus (Fred Buchanan)
Robbins Brothers Circus (Fred Buchanan) 1926-00-00
from William P Hall Animal Farm
William P Hall Animal Farm 1926-00-00
from Overton Park Zoo (Memphis Zoological Garden & Aquarium)
Overton Park Zoo (Memphis Zoological Garden & Aquarium) 1910-00-00
from Ringling Brothers Circus
Born:1880 wild
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2009-03-25: Previous locations, Name, Birth, Death, Sex, Text
2010-10-01: SSP, Contradictory records, Source

The North American Regional Studbook lists this elephant with a Temporary Studbook Number, lacking "supporting documentation to validate their identity."

In 1926, Vera was bought by William P Hall from the Overton Park Zoo in Memphis, Tennessee. The year 1930 marked her 50th birthday. She became one of the six on the Robbins Brothers Circus before Hall sold her to Jimmy Hamiter in February 1932. From 1934 to 1936, she would be advertised as Bingo and perform with the Tol Brothers Circus, Orange Brothers Circus, Joe Webb Circus and Harley Seige Circus & Seige of the Alamo. Hammiter retained ownership through her time with the Parker & Watts Circus until he was in the army in 1942 and forced to sell her to the Arthur Brothers. The Arthur Brothers herd in 1945 consisted of India, Bonnie, Shirley Temple, Vera, Wilhelmina and Gentry Babe, overseen by Cheerful Gardner. Vera died three years later in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Contradictory records:
The North American Regional Studbook for the Asian Elephants lists Vera with a different history.
1926 - MEMPHIS
1931 - HALL W.P.
1934 - TOL BROS
1936 - WEBB CIRC
11 Jul 1945 - DEATH

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