noname (wild) an Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) at Yok Don National Park

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ID Number:
Species: Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Sex and age:unknown < 1 Notice: Undefined variable: age in /customers/6/2/a/ on line 846 Notice: Undefined variable: age in /customers/6/2/a/ on line 849 maybe about years old (estimated age)
Body height: 0.70 meter, 2.3 feet
Dead date: 2016-01-09,
Death reason: accident: stucked in mud??
Location:Yok Don National Park
ArrivalYok Don National Park
Born:* 2015? wild
in Yok Don National Park
Birth weight (kgs and pounds): 100.00 kgs, 220.00 lbs
Document updated2018-05-11: death report
2016-01-09: A 3-month-old elephant calf has been found dead in Yok Don National Park in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak, the third death in this year.

The baby elephant was found lying dead on its side near a stream in the park in Buon Don District, Do Quang Tung, director of the park, said on August 30.

“The animal’s body was decomposed, and there were no signs showing the calf had been attacked,” Tung said.

“This means the death is caused by natural factor, not by human impact.”

The calf was a member of an elephant herd of some 14 individuals that frequently flock at the area.

There were many elephant footprints at different sizes surrounding the site, which shows that other members in the herd were possibly trying to cure the baby elephant, Tung said.

The body was then destroyed by the national park’s forest rangers and local authorities to keep the surrounding clean.

The baby elephant was the third to be found dead at Yok Don National Park this year, following the deaths of an age-old elephant in July and a calf in April.

The elephants allegedly died after being stuck in mud, according to the park officers.

Note; this is an unidentified wild Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) elephant at Yok Don National Park in Vietnam only submitted for statistics, and this individual record will later be removed, or used for a totally different elephant.

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