Elephant locations in Uganda

5 locations has kept elephants in Uganda

There is presently 2 (1,0) living elephants in locations in Uganda (in this database)

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Wild elephants:

Uganda has about 5 000wild elephants. Source:Paul Mbugua, KWS

Location holdings:

5 locations has kept 2 elephants in Uganda

(Database tables with collection of elephants further down on the page)

Elephants in locations2 (1,0) living0 (0,0) dead
Sex ratio and
 Male  1 / 2 
 Female  0 / 2  0%
 Free contact  2 / 2 
 Protected contact  0 / 2  0%
 No contact  0 / 2  0%
 Unknown contact  0 / 2  0%
 wild  0 / 2  0%

The elephant population stands at about 5,000, down from 20,000 in the 1960s.

Reference list

Koehl, D., Facts about elephants in Uganda. Elephant Encyclopedia, (2020) available online retrieved 10-01 at https://www.elephant.se/country.php?name=Uganda. (archived at the Wayback machine)

Sources, among others

NameElephant collectionTypePlaceDistrictProvinceRegion
Chipperfield organisation station
Kept totally 15 elephants
, 0 present (0,0)0 births15 relocated0 deathsdealer
Murchison Falls National Park
Kept totally 0 elephants
, 0 present (0,0)0 births0 relocated0 deathswild
Queen Elizabeth National Park
Kept totally 2 elephants
, 0 present (0,0)2 births2 relocated0 deathswild
Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (Entebbe Zoo)
Kept totally 3 elephants
, 2 present (1,0)0 births1 relocated0 deathszooEntebbe
Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (Uwec)
Kept totally 0 elephants
, 0 present (0,0)0 births0 relocated0 deathsorphanageEntebbe

Elephants born in Uganda without specified birth location

25 elephants with records of Uganda as birth or capture country.

NameSpeciesSexOriginBirthAgeCapturePresent locationDeath date
LilakLAFwild197149Kronberg Zoo
Charles (Hamukungu)LAMwild2011-05-009Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (Entebbe Zoo)
AjaLAFwild1971491974Rhenen Zoo
+ Wanda (Mandy, Sadie)LAFwild1969431971Parc Zoologique de Amneville (Coulange Zoo)2012-10-06
+ BisiLAFwild197323Cameron Park Waco Zoo1996-03-10
SophiLAFwild1968521969Indianapolis Zoo
+ Sandri (Sandrie)LAFwild1969-19691969Naples Zoo (Giardino Zoologico di Napoli)
+ Samson (Sammy)LCMwild1969181971Randall Moore1987
+ KennyLAMwild196731Basel Zoo1998-05-19
+ TemboLAFwild1971481973San Diego Zoo2019-12-29
SafariLAFwild1971491974Erfurt Zoo
+ AruaLAFwild1971-1971Berlin Zoo
+ RipLAMwild197140Six Flags Wild Safari (Six Flags Great Adventure)2011-11-26
+ SusanLAF0Six Flags Wild Safari (Six Flags Great Adventure)
LucyLAFwild197149Six Flags Wild Safari (Six Flags Great Adventure)
SheilaLAFwild197248Six Flags Wild Safari (Six Flags Great Adventure)
BarbaraLAFwild197149Six Flags Wild Safari (Six Flags Great Adventure)
+ GloriaLAFwild197148Six Flags Wild Safari (Six Flags Great Adventure)2019-09-01
DebbieLAFwild197149Six Flags Wild Safari (Six Flags Great Adventure)
+ PattyLAFwild1969211971Six Flags Wild Safari (Six Flags Great Adventure)1990-07-08
+ LailaLAFwild?Beekse Bergen Safaripark1987-03-22
+ SemoLAMwild196915Hemmingford Parc Safari1984-03-05
+ MaryLAFwild196915Hemmingford Parc Safari1984-02-11
+ ShebaLAFwild196420Fort Worth Zoo1984-11-02
+ BeebeLAFwild1961131964Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (Busch Gardens Africa)1974-08-00
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