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Rabies virus

In 1998 an adult (reported to be 84!) asian elephant in Sri Lanka became agressive, restless and unsteady, with secretion from the temporal glands. On sixth day she was partly blind and completely anorectic, trunk lame and was constantly falling down. She died at the 9th day. Post Mortum examinatioon showed brain being vascular and brain smear positive for rabies antigen.

Tests were analyzed in Thailand, indicating dog rabies. (O. Wilamaratne, D.S. Kodikara, 1998, Sri Lanka)

Post dog bite vaccination is recomended

"Results confirmed the ability of Asian elephants to develop a humoral immune response after vaccination with a commercially available monovalent inactivated rabies virus vaccine and the feasibility of instituting a rabies virus vaccination program for elephants that are in frequent contact with humans. A 2-dose series of rabies virus vaccine should provide an adequate antibody response in elephants, and annual boosters should maintain the antibody response in this species."
Source American Journal of Veterinary Research, November 2006, Vol. 67, No. 11, Pages 1934-1936, doi: 10.2460/ajvr.67.11.1934