Brad Jewell

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Brad Jewell
Profession circus elephant trainer
Personal details
Born in United States
Country United States

Work locations
Title elephant superintendent 1997-
Location at Cole Bros. Circus (Clyde Beatty-Cole Brothers Circus) in United States

Biography details

Brad Jewell , circus elephant trainer in United States

in United States .

1997: The circus collection of six Asian elephants will be directed this year by Brad Jewell.
1998: elephant trainer Brad Jewell will Herd the circus elephants into the big top for a two-column march.
1999: Elephant superintendent Brad Jewell proudly led Petunia, Helen and Bessie, enormous Asian elephants, freshly self-showered and placidly plodding in trunk-to-tail lock step, to the task of tugging at stout ropes to lift the big top high, taut and wrinkle-free. Elephants do this better than a tractor or forklift. They can go into forward or reverse gear a lot faster, remarked Jewell, who is from Hugo, Okla., and “married into elephants. My first wife, he explained, worked elephants, and her dad trained elephants for 45 years for Carson & Barnes,” a rival tent circus among a vanishing breed.

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