Taman Safari Indonesia (Bogor Zoo) in Indonesia

Taman Safari Indonesia (Bogor Zoo)

Address Cisarua
Place Bogor
District Bogor regency
Region West Java
Country Indonesia
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Taman Safari Indonesia (Bogor Zoo), located at Cisarua, in Bogor, Indonesia , was founded in 1986.

Living elephants

At the Taman Safari Indonesia (Bogor Zoo) lives 21 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)
  1. Bongo born 2008-06-18
  2. Covid born 2020-04-28
  3. Intan
  4. Inul born 2003-06-20
  5. Kartini born 2013-04-12
  6. Linda born 1971
  7. Marsini
  8. Mega born 1982
  9. Mustika born 1984
  10. Nila
  11. Nina
  12. Taru
  13. unknown born 2009-01-04
  14. unknown born 2006-12-22
  15. unknown born 2006-09-13
  16. unknown born 2006-05-18
  17. unknown born 1995
  18. unknown born 2006-03-06
  19. Unnamed born 2009-02-08
  20. Unnamed born 2012-01-02
  21. Wulan

Comments / picturesTaman Safari Indonesia (Bogor) is located in the mountainous area of Cisarua, Bogor regency, West Java.

Founded by acrobat Pak Hadi Manansang, born 1916 in Shanghai, China. After his death in 2003, the park is managed by his sons Jansen Manansang, Frans Manansang and Tony Sumampau.

Following the birth of Chyntia and the death of her mother Mawar in January 1995, Taman Safari Indonesia was home to "32 Sumatran elephants with 8 males and 24 females, 5 young females with various age average 1-2 years old. From 5 young offspring, we had been succeed with one hand raised elephant."

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