Circus Nock in Switzerland

Circus Nock


Owner -: Joseph Nock
-: Franz Nock Sr.
-: Franz Nock Jr.
-: Angelika Bauer
-: Joanna Nock
-: Manuel Schickler
-: Nicole Schickler
-1976: Alfred Nock Sr.
-1992: Franz Nock Jr.
-1992: Verena Nock-Hochstrasser
1978-: Freddy Nock
1992-: Franziska Nock
1992-: Alexandra Nock
Closed down2018
Address Circusstrasse 22
Zip-code 5072
Place Oeschgen
District Aarau
Region Fricktal
Country Switzerland
Website Website


Key People -: Freddy Nock (artist)
-: Pius Nock (artist)


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Circus Nock, located at Circusstrasse 22, in Oeschgen, Switzerland , was founded in 1850. Circus Nock closed down in 2018.

Comments / picturesThe Circus Nock was a circus from 1860 to 2018 that was regarded by the Circus Knie as the second largest circus in Switzerland, and stationed in Oeschgen in the Swiss canton of Aargau. There was the winter quarters, where a new program was rehearsed for the coming year. Until 2018 it was also the oldest active circus. The circus ceased operations in May 2019. [

1860: The then 18-year-old Joseph Nock (3rd generation) founded the circus in Zurich in 1860, which existed until 2018. Thanks to old newspapers, appearances in Richterswil in 1890 and Davos in 1891 could be found out. At that time there were elephants and their own orchestra, and the circus was already equipped with generators.

Later owners and directors were Franz Nock, and Franziska, Alexandra, and Verena, members of the seventh generation of the Nock family.

The circus was closed in 2018 (2017)

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