Deceased elephants at Auckland Zoo in New Zealand

This database list 6 dead elephants

Nr Sex Species Name Id Status Arrival locationImport
1+ ♀ EM Kashin ASMP id: 50 41Born: unknown 1968-12-10 Dead:2009-08-24 (37 years after arrival), euthanised chronic arthritis / foot abscesses1972-00-00 St. Pauls Como Zoo
2+ ♀ LA Koru SSP id: 381 3Born: wild 1980 Dead:1983-07-26, unknown 1983-04-04 Los Angeles Zoo
3+ ♀ EM Ma Schwe (Mashwe) ASMP id: 46 SSP id: 497 18Born: wild 1964 Dead:1982-08-02 (14 years after arrival), disease acute heart failure1968-10-30 San Diego Zoo
4+ ♀ EM Malini ASMP id: 35 18Born: wild 1953 Dead:1971-02-27 (10 years after arrival), disease officially pancreas problems1961-08-04
5+ ♀ EM Jamuna ASMP id: 13 48Born: wild 1917 Dead:1965-09-02 (42 years after arrival), age 1923-06-07 Calcutta Alipore Zoo (Alipore Zoological gardens)
6+ ♂ EM Rajah ASMP id: 20 19Born: unknown 1917 Dead:1936-03-09 (6 years after arrival), shot shot by a keeper, aggressive1930-06-00 Hobart Beaumaris Zoo

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